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Our manufacturing facilities are spread in 22 acres of GREEN environment across three locations on the outskirts of Hyderabad:

  1. Maheshwaram Unit I - in 7 acres – has a completely advanced, European up for its manufacturing process. (Certifications - BRC – IOP, ISO 9001 : 2008, ISO 14001)

  2. Burgul Unit III - Burgul Village, Farooqnagar Mandal, Mahaboobnagar District. in 15 acres.


Designed to meet the international standards in cleanliness and hygiene, the unit is equipped to even meet the stringent norms for safety, health, and environment stipulated by the Food and Pharma industries.

To maintain uniformity, the shop-floor is completely equipped with Positive Pressure System. This ensures that production is carried out in a dust and insect free environment. Additionally, stringent Pest Control System makes the units absolutely pests free.

With the above being achieved and practiced, the unit is certified as ISO 9001: 2008 and BRC-IOP



The Units are equipped with 8 and 9 color Roto-Gravure & Ci Flexo Printing machines with contemporary features like auto-registration, web video, and defect detection system - which ensure consistent and high-quality multi-color printing.  

   Rotogravure Printing 

  • 7 Rotomec Machines from Italy
  • Printing up to 9 color
  • Auto Registration Control
  • Web Video & Defect Detection System
  • Turner bar to print on surface and reverse combination at a time.
  • Printing Width: Up to 1200mm
  • Repeat Width: Up to 1000mm




CI-Flexo Printing  

  • 2 Printing machines of F & K from Germany 
  • Options up to 8 colors
  • Auto registration
  • Defect detection system
  • Widths up to 1250 mm (49 inch), 
  • Repeat width up to 1200 mm (47.2 inch), 
  • Speeds up to 600 m/min (1968 ft/min)



We have 10 lamination machines with both solvent free and solvent-based lamination facilities which help us to meet the requirements of various industries. Solvent-free lamination ensures that the packaged product is safe for consumption.

  • 7 Lamination machines from Nord Meccanica, Italy
  • 3 Indian lamination machines.
  • Option for both solvent based and solvent free lamination
  • Width up to 1320 mm

Extrusion Lamination

We have installed an Extrusion lamination facility with an installed capacity of 3600 MT pa. This has helped us to develop and capture requirements of different industries such as Snacks, Pharma etc

  • 2  Extrusion Coating / Lamination machines
  • Max width around 1200 mm
  • Majorly catering to the snacks industry
  • Helps maintain flexibility in the film
  • Very low chance of delamination problem


High-quality slitting machines ensure that the coils are wound properly and are free to use on the FFS machines.

  • 14 high-speed Slitting machines
  • Speeds up to 600 meters per minute
  • Facility of both PVC and Paper Cores as per the requirement
  • Special slitters for paper up to 1000mm Diameter


Branding is a decisive factor in the success of any product. Pouches of various types offer a different dimension to branding.Our packaging facilities can make customized pouches such as Side sealed, Center Sealed, Side Gusset, Stand up, Reusable pouch, and pouches with Zip Lock, D-Cut, V-Notch, Loop, Easy Pour for Liquid packaging etc.

We have 11 In-house pouching machines. As a part of the expansion and diversification strategy, we installed 3 High-Speed pouch making machines from TOTANI, Japan to manufacture pouches with high precision and high-end applications such as Retort packing, liquid packaging etc.

Polyethylene Plant

As a part of our backward integration strategy and to provide invaluable to support to our converting unit, we established a manufacturing facility to meet our requirements of various polyethylene films.

  • 7 Blown Film machines including 2 from Reifenhauser
  • Option up to 7 layers film
  • Installed Capacity of over20000mt per annum
  • Thickness from 20 to 180 Microns.
  • Auto gauge controller for thickness control
  • Maximum width 1600mm



Cylinder Engraving

We have installed an in-house Cylinder engraving facility with a capacity of 12000 Units per annum. 
  • 2  Cylinder engraving machines
  • 12000 units per annum
  • The capacity will be increased to 24000 units by 2019 

Storage and Packing

To support the high volumes of manufacturing, we have a large warehouse to sort and store the raw materials as well as finished stock. There is a complete rack system which ensures the goods are stored in an organised and ready to use or ready to dispatch condition.

We have the facility to pack in cartons, PE Bags, wooden pallets and also plastic pallets which helps us to meet different packing standards.