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One way degassing Valve

  • One way degassing Valve

They are also called as Freshness valves, aroma valves. These are important to maximizing the freshness of coffee by allowing fresh roasted coffee to de-gas in the package. These are available with option for 3 side seal, center seal, stand up, side gusset, Easy Peel, Zip Lock, Spout etc. It is widely used in Coffee or like products packaging

Common Structures:Special Features
  • BOPP/MetPet/PE
  • MetPet/PE
  • Paper /Alu Foil/PE
  • Pet/PE
  • Pet/MetPet/PE
  • Pet/AluFoil/PE
  • Excellent machine ability
  • High seal strength
  • Good moisture barrier properties for aroma retention
  • One way degassing valve option for coffee pouches