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We have equipped our laboratories with the state of art testing equipment to maintain and ensure quality and consistency in our supplies. Our full-fledged testing lab ensures that all the raw materials and finished products are as per the standards. Verifications are done at all the stages of the production in order to meet the customers’ specifications. From Research to Design, production to quality Control, Logistics to Customer Service – all the functions are maintained, integrated and monitored through a Total Quality Management system, aimed at consistently high-level quality of products and services in a synchronized fashion.

Other than the basic Quality Control Equipment, some of the specialized equipment that we use are as follows:

MVTR & OTR Tester from MOCON

This is to measure the moisture and oxygen barrier properties in the films and multilayer laminates.



Gas Chromatography Tester from NIRA

This is to measure the solvent retention in the printed and laminated films. This helps us to maintain traces of the solvents within limits.




Lippke Leak Tester 

This helps us to identify the leakages in the pouches 



Automatic Autoclave for Retort Pouches

A fully automatic retort chamber helps us to test the stability of retort pouches under different conditions as per the requirement.



Hot Tack Tester

This is to measure the ability of the films to test the sealing property. With this, we can achieve the desired speed of packing machine by changing the poly recipe.



Compression Tester

This is to measure the ability of pouches to sustain high pressure. In other words, indicates the sealing property of the pouches.




UTM Lloyds

This is to test bond strength, seal strength, tensile strength, elongation % and puncture resistance of the laminate.




X-Rite Tester 

To measure accurate colour.




GelboFlex Tester

Gelbo Flex tester is applicable to determine of flex durability of the flexible films and multilayer films.