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Laser Scoring

With the consumer convenience as focus, SRPL has installed a laser scoring facility which can manufacture flexible packaging material. The concept of laser scoring helps in tearing the plastic material with ease and thereby gives convenience in opening the packages.

The concept is to burn the top layer of the laminated film and weaken the structure so that the tearing is easy.

It is applicable to for easy tearing, straw piercing, laser marking. Please contact us for samples to experience the convenience of opening.

Pouch Making Facility

We are proud to announce the starting of our latest location dedicated to making only pouches made of mono and multilayer flexible packaging materials. This unit will act as a supporting facility to the 2 units by making only pouches.

Currently there are 12 pouch making machines which can produce over 50 million pouches each month and have created ready space to reach a capacity to manufacture over 150 million pouches each month.

Shape Pouches

With an ever increasing demand to make the pouches stand out on the shelves, SRPL has invested in pouch making machines to make pouches with different shapes as per the requirement of the clients’ products. Please contact us for samples for your reference.

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